About the Author

The youngest of four children, Cheryl had to learn motherhood on the job so to speak – when she had her first baby she had never changed a diaper in her life! Fortunately, her husband Paul had experience in that vein being the second oldest of nine children. She soon learned the skills required to care for her new baby but found, like all new Mom’s, an intense concern for the well being of her baby that she knew she and Paul could not fully provide for. The Lord used this desire to grow in her a life of prayer that years later is giving birth to this book.

Cheryl’s life has taken some unexpected turns, and through it all the Lord has become her comfort and teacher! Born in NJ, She grew up in Boston in a loving Christian home and felt a call to be a missionary at age 8 but by the time she was a young adult she was disillusioned with religion and experiencing some of the pain of bad choices. In her helplessness she cried out to God for a relationship with Him. Her spirit went from feeling squished inside and distant from a God who was unapproachable to opened and free from a friendship with Him through Jesus. The shift stared in a bookstore where Cheryl asked God to show her what to read to get to know Him. Somehow the books she was attracted to by a kind of glow were just what she needed to start knowing God as an adult.

After that time (1980’s) she went back to school in ID where she met Paul, husband of 35 years. and where they both began the journey into full-time over-seas missions. That took them to Guatemala (9 years), Australia (9 years), Argentina (5 years) and some time on and off in the Poconos of PA before bringing them to their current home in FL where they train and recruit new missionaries.

Learning how to manage a family and raise kids is a big job and complicating that already big job was all the moves and new cultures! Through it all prayer guided by scripture has been the anchor for Cheryl and she is excited to share what she learned and received from her friend and savior Jesus in this daily devotional.
Are you ready to learn?